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Making it easier for every founder to build a better business faster

The #1 club for solo early stage technology founders who are committed to becoming successful business owners. Highly moderated, curated and hosted by experienced entrepreneurs who can help, advise, mentor and coach you from inception, product-market fit right through to a successful exit.

The support I received stopped me making some very costly mistakes and helped me grow as a founder.

GARETH WHATMORE, Founder DronePrep


Active members of our community benefit from having like-minded individuals that will help them achieve their goals and hold them to account.


Bootstrapped, Angel or Venture? Seed or Series A? It’s a terminology minefield but we’ll help inform you.

Grow Your Network

Mentr.club is modern networking for the millennial generation of technology business founders. Leverage the network to make and receive introductions that will help accelerate your business.

Finance and Legal

Learn from others. Share your experiences. Drive your business forward. Don’t get bogged down in minutiae.

Personal Growth

Everyone who joins our community is committed to personal growth. Often it’s the biggest thing holding them back.

Seminars and Workshops

Online sessions to cover the topics you find the most challenging from experts who know what they’re doing.

Meet Paul, <br>Founder of Mentr.club
Meet Paul,
Founder of Mentr.club

Having been frustrated with traditional networking groups where I was just pitched at constantly, finding it difficult to meet like-minded peers with similar levels of ambition and lacking a support network to help me through challengin times, I found traditional networking was an altogether disillusioning experience.

Paul founded and built a world leading training, consultancy and technology company. Raised £6m in investment and landed over £5m in R&D grants. He opened offices in the UK and USA and operated in Canada, Kenya, Mozambique and Ecuador. Appeared on BBC, ITV and C5 television channels, featured in the Times, Telegraph and industry journals, frequent panellist, industry speaker and government policy influencer.

“Coaching and networking was pivotal to my success in business. I’ve been part of some great networks but also some terrible ones. The Mentr.club exists solely to make networking and personal growth an amazing experience.”

I have applied to join. Will I be accepted?

Our community is highly moderated and curated in order to provide maximum value to the community. We can’t guarantee that every application will be accepted.

Why is there a waitlist?

We like to grow our community at a sustainable rate. All of our applicants are comprehensively onboarded to ensure they gain maximum value from their Mentr.club experience. Onboarding is scheduled frequently subject to demand. We are currently pre-launch.

Will we meet in person?

Mentr.club is predominantly a highly moderated, curated online networking and personal development experience, however, there will be organised retreats, meet-ups and breaks that members will be able to join.

Is there a Facebook group?

No. In our experience Facebook pages do not work well for this type of community. We prefer the structure of Slack so we can organise the information and prevent notification overload. You can like our Facebook page though to stay up to date with news and announcements.

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